Olivia Love
ECI 430

People are always talking about the roaring 20’s, and we know the 1940’s to be built around the events World War II. What happened in between these decades? What happened in 1930? Although it may not be the year one hears about most often in history class, there were very interesting and influential events during 1930. Chronologically, the first noteworthy event occurred January 13th. Mickey Mouse made his first appearance this year through a comic strip. This is truly incredible, because Mickey Mouse is still one of the most prominent child icons. What child doesn’t want to go to Disney world? The Disney dynasty began in 1930 with the mouse we know and love. There were many small but interesting events during 1930. The first was the invention of scotch tape. It wasn’t world changing, what would you do without it? Another cartoon that almost all children watched growing up was created during 1930, Looney Tunes. Remember that? What about Betty Boop? Yes, she too was thought up in 1930. 1930 was a huge year for animation, and with the invention Twinkies on April 6, 1930, this year is pretty hard to beat! This headline must have been truly “out of this world”! On February 18th the Dwarf Planet Pluto’s existence was confirmed! Pluto was discovered due to miscalculations made by Clyde Tombaugh. He was trying to locate a planet past Neptune at Lowell Observatory in Arizona, and he came upon Pluto. It was deemed a planet at the time, and in 2006 Pluto’s classification changed to a dwarf Planet. Pluto was given its name on March 24th, 1930. Pluto was quite possibly given its name based on the fact that Pluto is farthest from the Sun, and in Greek mythology, Pluto is god of the underworld. For all you sports fans, the year 1930 has something to offer you as well. Bring the peanuts and the hot dogs because on April 28th the first night baseball game was held at Independence Field in Kansas. It was the Oklahoma Chiefs versus the Independence Producers; although the producers lost 13-2, the game was a success for the sport of baseball! 1930 was also a memorable year in for soccer fans, because this was the year of the first FIFA World Cup. Possibly the most prominent event during 1930 was the Great Depression. In 1929 the Stock Market crashed, commonly known as “Black Tuesday”, and elicited a great financial downfall. This affected every area of the economy from trade to taxes. 25% of the American people were unemployed, and it not only affected Americans, but people worldwide. In 1930 President Herbert Hoover goes before congress and asks for $150 million to aid a public works company to help stimulate the economy. The great depression continued to wreak havoc on the economy throughout the 1930’s, and the economy didn’t recover until World War II. The year 1930 was a very influential year throughout the world, even with a downward spiraling economy.