Margaret Nelson
8th grade Social Studies

1.01-Selling the forest for the trees, and other geographic advantages of colonial Carolina
1.02-Catawba University, Pee Dee River, Cape Hatteras: Who came up with these names, and how did these people influence the colony?
1.03-Should I stay or should I go now? European Exploration
1.03-All Americas a stage an all the Europeans merely players.
1.04-What do the Kentucky Derby, French Fries, and the 13th Amendment have in common?
1.05-God, Gold, and Glory
1.05-Founding Factors
1.06-From ports and pines to religion and rebellion
1.07-It's a small state after all: The life and labor of the first North Carolinians
1.07-How America's beginning baker's dozen lived and thrived
2.01-The Tea Party, the tax, and the Intolerable Acts: That's what revolutions are made of!
2.02-Patriots vs. Loyalists:The first gridiron battle
2.02-Cornwallis, Greene, and Howe! : Independence seems to be the word; I know not one dissenting voice.”
2.03- King, Arthur, and the Battle of Guilford COURThouse
2.03-The Regulators an Loyalists battled, but the Courthouse is what left Brits rattled.
2.04-Help from Eastern Europe: “The future of America is closely bound up with the future of all mankind.” --Lafayette
2.04-The Home Field Advantage: Why the Patriots triumphed for the trophy of independence
2.05-Who's “We the People” and how do you “form a more perfect union”?
2.05-We're #1: How the Halifax Resolves made N.C. first in the race for independence
3.01- The Lesser of Two Evils: Britain and France's actions leading into the War of 1812
3.01- Dressed to Impressment: Causes of the War of 1812
3.01- Rip Van Winkle and other tales: How N.C. impacted the War of 1812 and vice versa
3.02- Agriculture: From King Cotton to Economic Jester
3.02- “We don't need no education”: The long road to Southern literacy and public education
3.02- Early Democracy in N.C.: How the West got one and the East got two
3.03- Murphey's Law: Whatever “internal improvements” can be done, need to be done.
3.03/7- William Gaston finally got to cast in, his vote:The fight for religious freedom in N.C.
3.04- “The thing worse than rebellion is the thing that causes rebellion”-Frederick Douglass: Slavery in the U.S.
3.04- All Aboard! The emergence of the Underground Railroad and how it changed slavery
3.05- Tsali, An Indian Outlaw: The Resistance of the Cherokee People in N.C.
3.05- 1,000 miles, 4,000 innocent lives lost, only 1 Trail of Tears
3.06- Because 37ers just isn't as catchy: North Carolina Gold Rush
3.07- Constitution of 1835; Religious freedom takes one step forward; American Indians and African Americans take two steps back
3.07- Edward Dudley-Do-Right by the people
3.08- Who should I make this check out to? The Louisiana Purchase: How we got it and who was selling?
3.08- Who's this girl on the gold dollar and what does she have to do with Lewis and Clark?
3.08- San Francisco 49ers and Levi Strauss Jeans: How the California Gold Rush affected the U.S. and its culture
4.01- “Now we are told the government shall be broken up unless we surrender to those we have beaten.”--Lincoln: Secession from the Union
4.01- Let the bells ring out and the cannons fly!: The Beginning of the Confederate State of America
4.01- Last, but certainly not least: North Carolina and the Confederate States of America
4.02- “No terms except unconditional an immediate surrender can be accepted”--Grant: Victories of the North
4.02- “I've heard of the ' dead lying in heaps' but never saw it till this battle”: The Battle of Antietam
4.03- Think of the Carolinian! Conscription Act and Zebulon Vance
4.03- War's no day at the beach, or is it?: Wilmington and its impact on the war
4.04- Zebulon Vance: Just be glad it's not your name
4.04/5: Holden on to what we've got: Reconstruction in N.C.
4.04- Lincoln, Lee and Ulysses: Leaders of the Civil War
4.05- Reconstruction of a new constitution leads to the destruction of trust, integrity, and harmony in the government
5.01- What does a tobacco company have to do with a Blue Devil?
5.01- Who's the giant who lives in High Point and why does he keep his chest of drawers out in the open?: Industries of N.C.
5.02- The father of North Carolina's public education gives his children the gift of textbooks. Just what you asked for, right?
5.03- Come One, Come All...or not: The Great Migration
5.04- Phones, and Power, and Planes, Oh My!
5.04- Learning to Fly: The Wright Brothers
5.05- I wonder how many red shirts the Red Shirts had?
5.05- Democrats or Populists? How about Republicans into Fusionists?
5.06- Saying Auf wierdersehen to Deutschland
5.06- From furniture to wagon wheels and wooden planks: N.C. industry in WWI
6.01- I never understood why it was the “Great” Depression, when anyone who lived through it could tell you how great is wasn't.
6.01- The Alphabet Soup known as...The New Deal
6.02- The loss and destruction at Torpedo Junction
6.02- “Every soldier and sailor in the service of the Nation either wears or caries some article manufactured in N.C.”: The Versatility of N.C. in WWII
6.03- Saving Money with Victory Gardens! Use the money to buy War Bonds!: Funding the Cause
6.04- The Powerful and Prolific Tuskegee Airmen: 1st African American Military Flying Unit
6.04- We Can Do It! Rosie the Riveter and other female figures of WWII
7.01- “The prevailing mood in N.C. is not hard to sense: it is energetic and ambitious. The citizens are determined and confident; they are on the move.”
7.01- What does a research triangle park look like? Could they have square playgrounds?
7.02- Turn Left! Turn Left Again!: NASCAR and other social changes in N.C.
7.02-Who thought sitting down at a counter would cause so much trouble?: The Civil Rights Movement in N.C.
7.03- North Carolina kids were polio-free and feeling fine, by year 1959
7.03- Rockin' the Suburbs with the new “car culture”
7.04- Raised minimum wage, expanded Social Security, and provided funding for low income families...sounds like a Fair Deal to me.
7.04- “Every segment of our population and every individual has a right to expect from our government a Fair Deal”--Truman: Civil Rights Movement
7.05- Communism: How the Red Scare got you black-balled everywhere.
7.05- “Some folks were born, made to wave the flag, oh they're red, white, and blue.”: The War in Vietnam
7.05- More space, more departments, cleaner constitution: Executive Organization Act of 1971
8.01- 1 of every 3 people living in N.C. were born in another state. Are you one? Why did you move to N.C.?
8.01- The changing demographics of N.C. What group has almost quintupled since 1990?
8.02- Wacky Tobaccy: How agriculture still influences N.C. economy
8.02- Globalization: How a more global market impacts N.C.
8.02- What is the Research Triangle doing now?: Biotechnology, Computer Technology, and Communication Technology
8.03- Save the Whales! Save the Turtles! Save the Pigs!: How N.C. is impacting the preservation of the environment
8.03- Are you protected in N.C.? What N.C. is doing to keep its citizens safe
8.04- Busing? Community Schools? What's best? Is there one right answer?
9.01- No Child Left Behind: What is it? Why does it exist? What happens if someone does get left behind?
9.01- Loose Threads and Computer Chips: The Changing Economy of N.C.
9.02- Ladies and Legislation: Dole, Clayton and other political women of N.C.
9.02- Lee, Blue, and Harvey Too: African American politicians and their impact in government
9.03- Kid's Vote! Does it matter? When does it happen?
9.03- Now What?! What you can do to make an impact on your community and state.

Julie Dixon

1.01-From the mountains, to the prairies, to the ocean...
1.01-Does money grow on trees in this place called Carolina?
1.02-Please pass the headdress.
1.02-“Pee Dee?” he-he!
1.03-America vs. Europe: the differences in economy, geography, religions, and politics
1.03-Go west young man...but why? What’s over there?
1.04-The 13th Amendment: how did the Columbian Exchange support it?
1.05-I’d go exploring if gold was involved, wouldn’t you?
1.05-Embarking on a great adventure: leaving Europe for a new land.
1.06-One Carolina just wasn’t enough.
1.07-Diversity: the variety of people and trades in North Carolina.
2.01-“You say you want a revolution? We all want to change the world.”
2.01-Boston was NOT the place for a typical tea party.
2.01-One Act after another.
2.02-Aren’t the Patriots a football team? Who are the Loyalists?
2.03-North Carolina as a supporting cast member in the play titled, “The Revolutionary War.”
2.03-Role call!
2.04-‘Cause we’re as free as a bird now...
2.04-Coming together: the men and women of the Revolutionary War; unified, victorious.
2.05-We the people...need something to live by...but what is it?
2.05-Mecklenburg and Halifax did what?
2.05-Hey Bill, what are my rights as a citizen of the United States?
2.05-The British aren’t coming.
3.01-The War of 1812: Impressive causes.
3.02-The Rip Van Winkle state: North Carolina takes a nap.
3.02-Dry mouth—do you have cotton in there?
3.03-Freedom of religion: seems like a fairly simple concept.
3.03-Always stand firm: a look at reformers.
3.04-How does anyone ride a train underground? They don’t.
3.04-Owning people is legal?
3.05-Taking a walk down the trail of tears...keep tissues handy.
3.05-Cherokee in N.C.—the ‘then’ and ‘now.’
3.06-What do Cabarrus, Anson, Mecklenburg, and Montgomery counties have in common?
3.06-Mints: not only good for your breath! Let’s visit Charlotte in 1831...
3.07-Growing concerns: North Carolina makes some Constitutional changes.
3.07-Do unto others...
3.08-National Treasure: California style.
3.08-Break out your wallet for the Louisiana Purchase.
4.01-Baby come back! South Carolina takes leave...and others follow.
4.01-The Confederate states of America: a look through North Carolina’s lens.
4.02-Fort Fisher, Fort Macon, Fort Sumter: the who, what and where.
4.02-Zebulon, Vance...aren’t those two counties?
4.03-Wilmington, NC: not just a great vacation spot.
4.03-Soldiers, supplies, and war materials: North Carolina’s contributions to the Civil War.
4.04-Honesty IS the best policy according to Abraham Lincoln.
4.04-Civil War leaders at the state level—D.H. Hill is more than just a library.
4.05-Before conservatives were republican: the power of the democrats.
4.05-A time of industrialization: textiles, tobacco, and furniture in N.C.
5.01-Hickory and High Point—furniture likes the “H’s”
5.01-Money, money, money!
5.02-Reading, writing, and arithmetic; all to the tune of a hickory stick.
5.03-We’ve got a trail to blaze. This is the Great Migration.
5.04-“I’m lookin’ to the sky to save me...”
5.04-Before there were cell phones...
5.05-What’s with all of these parties? I can only be one place at a time.
5.05-Red shirts? Why not blue or green shirts?
5.06-Hmm...wasn’t the plan neutrality?
5.06-Where has all the money gone?
6.01-Down but not out: N.C. survives the Great Depression.
6.01-CCC, WPA, and CWA. What do they stand for? How did they help the economy?
6.02-The Japanese are coming!
6.02-Revenge...not so sweet on the receiving end of an atomic bomb...or two.
6.03-Nazism and fascism...what’s with all the “isms?”
6.04-War, what is it good for?
6.04-Women at work...and no that does not mean in the kitchen.
7.01-A “triangle” park where people do research? Please explain.
7.01-Far from recession: an economy on the up-swing.
7.02-Race relations: adding diversity to political positions.
7.02-Riots, uproars, and sit-ins, oh my!
7.02-Let’s head to the need to miss even one lap.
7.03-Time to go a-cruisin’
7.03-Shouldn’t we have a time machine by now? Let’s revisit the technology of the 70s.
7.04-What exactly makes a Fair Deal?
7.05-“There’s only one thing I have to say about the war in Vietnam...and that’s all I have to say about that.”-Forrest Gump
7.05-Getting our acts together: a national project.
8.01-What makes North Carolina so attractive?
8.01-Looking at your neighborhood...who are your neighbors? They are more than just names.
8.02-Plowing through the fields of North Carolina.
8.02-Explain this computer buzz to me...
8.03-Where do YOU fit in the political puzzle of North Carolina?
8.04-Where the lines are drawn: diversity in N.C.
8.04-Can you really force diversity: North Carolina’s efforts to be inclusive.
9.01-Where has all the money gone?
9.01-Budgeting time and money: the economy of North Carolina.
9.02-Perdue: not just a chicken producer.
9.02-Who’s your legislator? Congressman? Governor? Mayor?
9.03-Impacting your community: what exactly can you do?
9.03-Exercising your civil rights—these workouts are important.