8th Grade Social Studies Objectives
1.01 Assess the impact of geography on the settlement and developing economy of the Carolina colony.

Day 1: Arrgggghhh!! Calico Jack and his motley crew settle on the Carolina coast.
Day 2: Help us find the Lost Colony with Sir Walter Raleigh.
Day 3: The truth behind North Carolina’s tobacco fields.
Day 4: Don’t be shallow. Let’s see what was wrong with the ports in North Carolina.

1.02 Identify and describe American Indians who inhabited the regions that became Carolina and assess their impact on the colony.

Day 5: Which American Indian tribe would you belong in? The Tuscarora, the Catawba, or Cherokee?
Day 6: From friendship to fire: Why Ralph Lane had Chief Wingina killed?
Day 7: Scoot your boot. What we learned from experiences with American Indians and when/why they were pushed westward.

1.03 Compare and contrast the relative importance of differing economic, geographic, religious, and political motives for European exploration.

Day 8: Welcome to North Carolina! Need a job and place to worship?
Day 9: From sea to shining sea. Why did Giovanni da Verrazzano, Lucas Vazquez de Allyon, and Hernando de Soto all want to be the first settlers in North Carolina?
Day 10: Settlin’ on down. Which area would you be most likely to settle in at this time: the Coastal Plains, the Piedmont, or the Mountains?
Day 11: Let’s talk politics…but ONLY the White males.

1.04 Evaluate the impact of the Columbian Exchange on the cultures of American Indians, Europeans, and Africans.

Day 12: In 1942 Columbus sailed the ocean blue, and brought diseases for me and you.
Day 13: What is the Columbian Exchange and how did it get its name?
Day 14: American Indians strong as they were couldn’t fight off diseases brought to the Americas.
Day 15: Africans outlast diseases brought by the Columbian Exchange, but not harsh conditions.

1.05 Describe the factors that led to the founding and settlement of the American colonies including religious persecution, economic opportunity, adventure, and forced migration.

Day 16: Push and pull factors lead to British migration in Roanoke Island.
Day 17: What do we mean when we say proprietor colonies, royal colonies and corporate colonies? The strength of the Church of England swayed opinions in NC.
Day 18: Gentry, atrisans, yeomen, indentured servants, and slaves…Social classes from glamorous to disastrous.
Day 19: Do you know how North Carolina became known as the Tar Heel State? Naval stores lead to a prospering economy in addition to cash crops.
Day 20: No Indians Allowed! Settlers in NC push American Indians westward.

1.06 Identify geographic and political reasons for the creation of a distinct North Carolina colony and evaluate the effects on the government and economics of the colony.

Day 21: Regulators coordinate protests against government. Time to regulate!
Day 22: Discover North Carolina geographically.
Day 23: Backstabbing British…Land is granted to both Indians and American Settlers, who will be satisfied?
Day 24: Who would you want governing your colony?

1.07 Describe the roles and contributions of diverse groups, such as American Indians, African Americans, European immigrants, landed gentry, tradesmen, and small farmers to everyday life in colonial North Carolina, and compare them to the other colonies.

Day 25: Good Southern style of life might not be around if it wasn’t for the American Indians.
Day 26: Work, work, work! Eat, work, work, work. Little sleep, work, work. Repeat. Can you guess which group of people’s days looked like this?
Day 27: Against popular belief, African Americans weren’t the only ones who spent hours working, so did European immigrants.
Day 28: Rags to riches… Or did the rich just get richer and the poor stay poor? Take a look at the gentry and small farmers.

2.01 Trace the events leading up to the Revolutionary War and evaluate their relative significance in the onset of hostilities.

Day 29: Acts passed by Parliament that led to trouble…yep, even the Sugar Act of 1764 wasn’t too sweet.
Day 30: You’re formally invited to the Boston Tea Party. Hold onto your hats, you’re in for a real surprise.
Day 31: Could these acts be “intolerable”? Let’s find out.
Day 32: Congresses are created, let’s see how.

2.02 Describe the contributions of key North Carolina and national personalities from the Revolutionary War era and assess their influence on the outcome of the war.

Day 33: “You say you want a revolution…Well, you know we all want to change the world.” Who’s who in the Revolutionary War??
Day 34: “You say you want a revolution…Well, you know we’d all love to see the plan. You ask me for a contribution, well you know we’re doing what we can.” What were the contributions of North Carolinians and other Americans to the Revolutionary War?
Day 35: NC introduces it’s first state Constitution…let’s explore it!
Day 36: Let me see your John Hancock… We’ll find out who signed the Declaration of Independence from NC today.

2.03 Examine the role of North Carolina in the Revolutionary War.

Day 37: Let’s take a deeper look at North Carolina’s role in the Revolutionary War.
Day 38: Today we’re going to trace the steps North Carolina took in the Revolutionary War on a map.
Day 39: The only thing domestic about these women was the fact they took care of their children…Today we will be discussing contributions of women to the Revolutionary War.
Day 40: Let’s go “greene”…Nathaniel Greene and the Guilford Courthouse in 1781.

2.04 Examine the reasons for the colonists' victory over the British, and evaluate the impact of military successes and failures, the role of foreign interventions, and on-going political and economic domestic issues.

Day 41: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.“ -Gandhi - Today we’re going to take a look at how the outcome of the underdog on top came about.
Day 42: Is it possible to win a war with only one true military branch? Let’s explore the other options North Carolina had.
Day 43: Federalists vs. Republicans? Who’s side are you on? Let’s investigate the ongoing issues and division.

2.05 Describe the impact of documents such as the Mecklenburg Resolves, the Halifax Resolves, the Albany Plan of Union, the Declaration of Independence, the State Constitution of 1776, the Articles of Confederation, the United States Constitution, and the Bill of Rights on the formation of the state and national governments.

Day 44: Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork…when will it end? Do you think we will get anything “resolved”??
Day 45: Do you enjoy freedom of speech? What other rights were granted to Americans in the Revolutionary Era….let’s find out!
Day 46: What would the world be like without a state and national government? Let’s take a deeper look at how these were formed.
Day 47: The Constitution gives the President a great amount of power…Do you think this is a good thing?

3.01 Describe the causes of the War of 1812 and analyze the impact of the war on North Carolina and the nation.

Day 48: How does the War of 1812 further divide North Carolinians and who are the Warhawks?
Day 49: With names like “Wasp,” Dollie Madison, Old Hickory and Real Pirates, how can North Carolina still be lagging behind in education, transportation, and agriculture?
Day 50: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Wake up North Carolina! You’re now known as the Rip Van Winkle state, how can we change this?
Day 51: A state divided! See how the War of 1812 had an effect on the people of North Carolina and the opposing sides of support.

3.02 Investigate the conditions that led to North Carolina's economic, political, and social decline during this period and assess the implications for the future development of the state.

Day 52: Railroads, roads, schools, where did the funding come from?
Day 53: Federal party fails…what to do, what to do?
Day 54: A tax on whiskey? How is this fair?
Day 55: North Carolina’s social life is looking bleak. Let’s see why.

3.03 Identify and evaluate the impact of individual reformers and groups and assess the effectiveness of their programs.

Day 56: If they didn’t know anything, then how did the “Know Nothing” party have any followers?
Day 57: I am a common man, you are a common man…is Andrew Jackson?
Day 58: Think about running for the presidency, how would you campaign? Let’s take a look at how the style of campaigning changed and increased voter participation.

3.04 Describe the development of the institution of slavery in the State and nation, and assess its impact on the economic, social, and political conditions.

Day 59: How could slavery ever be popular? Let’s explore what popular sovereignty is and how it affects the history of NC.
Day 60: A nation divided…what are nation and States’ views of slavery?
Day 61: How economically helpful can slavery be if North Carolina’s known as Rip Van Winkle? Let’s explore.

3.05 Compare and contrast different perspectives among North Carolinians on the national policy of Removal and Resettlement of American Indian populations.

Day 62: Today we’re going to explore how much you know about American Indian culture.
Day 63: You’d be sad if you were moved from your home as well. Today we take a look at American Indians and their long journey on the Trail of Tears.
Day 64: “Don’t stop ‘til you get enough!” Jackson won’t back down and in 1828 the Native American Removal Act was a major goal of his.
Day 66: Another division caused by social class. What are the pros and cons of the Removal and Resettlement of American Indians?

3.06 Describe and evaluate the geographic, economic, and social implications of the North Carolina Gold Rush.

Day 67: Where in North Carolina was the gold found? Have you ever been there?
Day 68: What would it take for you to leave your family and home behind and venture to a new country? Perhaps North Carolina isn’t as slow as we thought… Let’s discover who comes to the Tar Heel State for a piece of gold.
Day 69: Did you know North Carolina was coined as the “Golden State”? Thousands of foreign immigrants poured into the Piedmont area looking for gold.
Day 70: Everyone wants a hand in gold, including Uncle Sam. Let’s take a look at the federal government’s role in gold and mining enterprises in North Carolina.

3.07 Explain the reasons for the creation of a new State Constitution in 1835, and describe its impact on religious groups, African Americans, and American Indians.

Day 71: Out with the old and in with the new…a new State Constitution for NC was created in 1835.
Day 72: Choo-choo! “Hop” on the Underground Railroad to freedom!
Day 73: New Constitution means new laws…does this mean equality for all groups?
Day 74: Quaker, Baptist, Protestant…so long Church of England. It’s up to you now.

3.08 Examine the impact of national events such as the Louisiana Purchase, the Lewis and Clark Expedition, the War with Mexico, and the California Gold Rush, and technological advances on North Carolina.

Day 75: Supersize America!! America doubles in size with the purchase of Louisiana from the French!
Day 76: Bouncing from border to border, looking for boundaries of Lousiana, Lewis and Clark explored.
Day 77: Take a look as Mexico and America battle over the Lone Star State.
Day 78: What makes California so unforgettable? Try gold.
Day 79: Take a spin with Eli Whitney and his cotton gin! North Carolina gets more techno-savvy!

4.01 Identify and analyze the significance of the causes of secession from the Union, and compare reactions in North Carolina to reactions in other regions of the nation.

Day 80: What’s propaganda and how was it used to stir the pot?
Day 81: The hot debate on slavery gets hotter as well as the argument on states’ rights…NC finally secedes from the Union.
Day 82: North vs. South…let’s compare reactions to the split.
Day 83: North Carolina was the last state to secede from the Union, sixteen days after Tennessee, let’s explore why.

4.02 Describe the political and military developments of the Civil War and analyze their effect on the outcome of the war.

Day 84: Hide your weapons in your forts because North Carolina’s military is getting ready for war.
Day 85: Iron clads, air balloons, distant fighting and railroads….military developments sure are taking off.
Day 86: Federal government versus State government…who will prevail?

4.03 Assess North Carolina's role in the Civil War and analyze the social and economic impact of the war on the state.

Day 87: Soldiers, supplies and war materials are a few of the things North Carolina contributed to the Civil War…let’s explore them all.
Day 88: Battle of Gettysburg and Pickett’s Charge…why are these two names big for North Carolina?
Day 89: “All we are saaaaaying, is give peace a chance!” Let’s learn about the Peace Movement in 1864.

4.04 Evaluate the importance of the roles played by individuals at the state and national levels during the Civil War and Reconstruction Period.

Day 90: Henry T. Clark, D.H. Hill, Dorsey Pender, and Stephen Dodson Ramseur…what do all these men have in common?
Day 91: There’s more to reconstruction than just building… Think about the lost soldiers, the low spirits, and the overall morale of the South after the Civil War.
Day 92: Who really won the Civil War? Is there an actual “winner”? What’s your perspective?

4.05 Analyze the political, economic, and social impact of Reconstruction on the state and identify the reasons why Reconstruction came to an end.

Day 93: Would you be a Carpetbagger or a Scalawag? These were the rivals during the Reconstruction period.
Day 94: No more fun and games…we’re now under military control!
Day 95: Calling out to all African Americans looking to have a say…look no further, voting rights are here.
Day 96: Still no color Tvs, just white and black…and white Supremacy. The KKK is formed.

5.01 Identify the role played by the agriculture, textile, tobacco, and furniture industries in North Carolina, and analyze their importance in the economic development of the state.

Day 97: The Surgeon General wouldn’t like us, but RJ Reynolds, Bull-Durham, and Dukes are making major waves in tobacco and the economic development of North Carolina.
Day 98: Tompkins, Cones and Cannons bring new technology and modern methods using steam power to NC.
Day 99: High Point, NC is known for no other than theeeeeee Furniture capital of the world!
Day 100: Rip Van Winkle is wide awake!! Economic development in North Carolina is now booming.

5.02 Examine the changing role of educational, religious, and social institutions in the state and analyze their impact.

Day 101: Aren’t you glad to be sitting in such a fine classroom today? Public schools take off in NC.
Day 102: Blue Devils, Demon Deacons, Wolfpack, and Tarheels…these fine institutions are all part of North Carolina’s educational development.
Day 103: Think about all of the church and religions in North Carolina. Draw conclusions on how these started.

5.03 Describe the social, economic, and political impact of migration on North Carolina.

Day 104: While the birds fly south, African Americans move north.
Day 105: Strike, strike, strike!! Labor unions are formed.
Day 106: Would you like to work or go to school? Can’t work anymore, child labor laws are enforced.
Day 107: Women no longer constrained to the kitchen and laundry room, they can now enter voting booths and have much to say about prohibition!
Day 108: Come on and “sit in” a booth in Greensboro, NC. Let’s look at major protests in North Carolina.

5.04 Identify technological advances, and evaluate their influence on the quality of life in North Carolina.

Day 109: Vroom, vroom. Who’s got the keys to the Model T? North Carolina now has easier ways to communicate and navigate.
Day 110: Lights on, lights off. Electricity is here to stay. Pick up the telephone. Turn on your radio. Make use of all these technological advances.
Day 111: “Country livin’ ain’t so bad…” Technological advances lead to more opportunities.

5.05 Assess the influence of the political, legal, and social movements on the political system and life in North Carolina.

Day 112: Would you like to be in the People’s Party? Let’s take a look at the different political parties in NC.
Day 113: Populism is a mighty popular subject going on right now…how did it affect the Tar Heel State?
Day 114: Progress, proceed… Let’s take a look at how the women of the south were involved in the Progressive Movement.
Day 115: Put your “red shirt” on…we’re marching through the Red Shirt Movement in NC today.

5.06 Describe North Carolina's reaction to the increasing United States involvement in world affairs including participation in World War I, and evaluate the impact on the state's economy.

Day 116: The whole world is at war…
Day 117: Building businesses and creating communities.
Day 118: “Propaganda is a soft weapon; hold it in your hands too long, and it will move about like a snake, and strike the other way.” -Jean Anouilh
Day 119: “Save food and defeat frightfulness…” World War I caused increasing struggles for small farmers.

6.01 Identify the causes and effects of the Great Depression and analyze the impact of New Deal policies on Depression Era life in North Carolina.

Day 120: Gloom and doom…the Great Depression sets in and no one was ready for this one.
Day 121: What’s FDR up to now? You think he’s got some sort of “new deal”?
Day 122: Imagine living in North Carolina during the time of the Great Depression…what are things like? I bet these harsh conditions have long lasting effects, don’t you?

6.02 Describe the significance of major events and military engagements associated with World War II and evaluate the impact of the war on North Carolina.

Day 123: Left, left, left, right, left. Strap up your boots and aim your fire men. Let’s take a look at the military engagements in NC during WWII.
Day 124: Trapped and can’t get out? That’s the predicament of the Prisoners of War during World War II.
Day 125: We have Army bases all over the place in NC! Let’s map ‘em out.
Day 126: Who has weapons of mass destruction? Pearl Harbor is hit hard.

6.03 Examine the significance of key ideas and individuals associated with World War II.

Day 127: What happens on the home front stays on the home front.
Day 128: Was Winston Churchill able to “woo” America?
Day 129: Let’s see who hit one out of the park during World War II. Today we’ll explore the key players during this period.
Day 130: What’s the “key” for the victory of WWII? Let’s unlock this mystery.

6.04 Assess the impact of World War II on the economic, political, social, and military roles of different groups in North Carolina including women and minorities.

Day 131: You better know your role and roll with it.
Day 132: You think the women are still just cooking, cleaning and caring for babies? Let’s find out if their role has changed.
Day 133: Hmmmm….if all men are created equal, then we should all get the same rights, right? Do minorities have equal rights yet?
Day 134: Everyone wants a day at the beach. Thousands migrate to Wilmington, NC pursing defense work, military personnel follow.

7.01 Analyze the extent and significance of economic changes in North Carolina.
Day 135: From one uniform to another, schools paid for and becoming popular. We’re not talking GI Joe, we’re talking the GI Bill.
Day 136: Life is a highway…let’s take a look at interstate highways being built.
Day 137: Enjoy blasting your radio? After the war, people enjoyed this luxury as we do today.
Day 138: From back country to cities and mules to tractors, agriculture and tobacco still reign high in North Carolina.
Day 139: Well, now, take down your fishin’ pole and meet me at the Fishin’ Hole, We may not get a bite all day, but don’t you rush away.

7.02 Evaluate the importance of social changes to different groups in North Carolina.

Day 140: A lifetime of change…
Day 141: Caucasians, African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, and Native Americans…we’re all in NC.
Day 142: “Movin on up to the East side…”
Day 143: Keep your “eyes on the prize”. Today we are going to see how powerful students were in non-violent resistance.
Day 144: “This “Wait” has almost always meant “never.” How did Martin Luther King, Jr. help African Americans gain rights.

7.03 Assess the influence of technological advances on economic development and daily life.

Day 145: Rapid population in NC. People are settling down and enjoying economic development.
Day 146: Technological BOOM!! See how this helps NC.
Day 147: Money, money, money! The banking industry in NC seems to be taking off quite nicely.

7.04 Compare and contrast the various political viewpoints surrounding issues of the post World War II era.

Day 148: The “Solid Democratic South”…was it really that solid?
Day 149: We want rights and we want them now. Let’s take a look at the opposing sides for granting African Americans equal rights.
Day 150: Democrats verses Republicans. The debate never ends…
Day 151: The Democratic Party gained rights over the state’s rights…there’s two sides to every story. Let’s look at the pros and cons.

7.05 Evaluate the major changes and events that have effected the roles of local, state, and national governments.

Day 152: “Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real.” Today we are going to take a further look into MLK Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech.
Day 153: Urban Renewal in Charlotte, including the Federal Housing Acts.
Day 154: Seeing integration from different view points.
Day 155: Let’s take a look at roles of the local, state, and national governments.

8.01 Describe the changing demographics in North Carolina and analyze their significance for North Carolina's society and economy.

Day 156: North Carolina has been eating it’s Wheaties! Will North Carolina ever stop growing?
Day 157: Hola! Are North Carolinians bilingual or not?
Day 158: Have you ever wanted to graze all the farmland of North Carolina? Today let’s create the map of North Carolina.
Day 159: Is North Carolina a melting pot?
Day 160: As the popular saying goes…”Girls rule, boys drool!” See how many females roam NC compared to males.

8.02 List economic and technological advances occurring in North Carolina since 1970, and assess their influence on North Carolina's role in the nation and the world.

Day 161: North Carolina’s come a long way from the cotton gin…let’s see how far technology has come.
Day 162: Who grows 40% of all US tobacco each year? That’s right, we do.
Day 163: Electrical machinery, computers, and chemicals, oh my!
Day 164: More money, less problems for the Queen! Charlotte develops into a major U.S. banking center while other businesses flourish as well.
Day 165: Tech Savvy! Technological advances post-1970 make Charlotte and NC a force to be reckoned with on a national level.

8.03 Describe the impact of state and national issues on the political climate of North Carolina.

Day 166: It’s gettin’ HOT in here! State and national issues heat up NC Politics.
Day 167: How does the Constitution protect our basic rights?
Day 168: Can you hear me now? NC’s pre-registration law.
Day 169: What are civil rights and how can one be an active citizen?

8.04 Assess the importance of regional diversity on the development of economic, social, and political institutions in North Carolina.

Day 170: “Did ya’ll know I had an accent?” Let’s explore the linguistics of North Carolina.
Day 171: “It takes an endless amount of history to make even a little tradition.”
Day 172: Diversity is one true thing we all have in common.

9.01 Describe contemporary political, economic, and social issues at the state and local levels and evaluate their impact on the community.

Day 173: I heard it through the grapevine! Hot issues in NC at the current time.
Day 174: A, B, C, easy as 1, 2, 3! Let’s talk about education in North Carolina.
Day 175: How are local farmers holding up? Is tobacco still “smoking” its competition?

9.02 Identify past and present state and local leaders from diverse cultural backgrounds and assess their influence in affecting change.

Day 176: We’ve come a long way from women not being able to work outside of the home. Bev Purdue is NC’s governor.
Day 177: He had a dream and it came true. Barack Obama is the first African American President of the United States!
Day 178: “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” Let’s explore Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, and other leaders pushing for change in the world.

9.03 Describe opportunities for and benefits of civic participation.

Day 179: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” -Mahatma Gandhi
Day 180: Have you used your political voice today? It’s time to be heard!